My Lifelong Story & Passion for Writing

My Lifelong Journey as a Writer

 Writing has been a lifelong endeavor for me, a passion that was ignited in my early years.


The Debut Novel: A Story of Hope and Inspiration

During my tough childhood, I often found hope and solace in the world of fiction. It's this sense of comfort and inspiration that I want to provide my young readers who might going through similar situations and need a sense of belonging.

A view of the beach from above.

"I'm so Much More"

Book Excerpt

When we reached the ferry dock, it was dark. The lone light, high on a steel pole and battered by the howling wind, shed an eerie glow on the freezing mist that hung in the Scottish air, and smelled like the sea. A handful of other cars were waiting, all of them old and with varying degrees of rust. Our new metallic-blue Opel station wagon sat like a healthy swan among a few battle-worn ducks. The ferry’s engines thrummed as James and I sat cold and silent in the back seat. Seething with resentment, I drilled my eyes into the back of my mother’s head. Her neck invited me to put my hands around it and squeeze. I could put up with her abuse when I had my music, Bridgely school, best friends - but now?
Mother was moving us to an island 150 miles from Duncan’s. She said she needed to be near him, but he wouldn’t even know we were there, so what was the point? My father wouldn’t approve of what mother was doing. I wanted to write and tell him, but she’d find out and attack me. It wasn’t fair. Mother said we’d leave for the island on New Year’s Day, and then on December 22nd, she announced we’d be leaving the following morning. I hadn’t time to say goodbye to Ciaran and Janey or get their addresses so that I could write to them. I begged mother to let us stay for the Christmas holiday, but she said no. What was the rush? Duncan didn’t want her. He didn’t want any of us.
The screaming wind shook our car. “This ferry ride is one of the roughest crossings in the winter months.” Mother said.
Then why were we going now? I hoped fervently this wouldn’t be the time the boat sank. I’d never get back home if I was at the bottom of the ocean. How long was mother planning to stay on this Scottish island?

What will happen next? Stay with me and be among to first to read, “I’m So Much More.”

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My Promise to My Readers

As an author, my ultimate goal is to create stories that touch the hearts of my readers.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through, and I hope you enjoy my debut novel as much as I enjoyed writing it.